Under the Influence is a 6-part, comedy web series about an over-ambitious and under-talented idiot named Rafe who has two weeks to become Instagram famous. But he won’t!

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Photo by Elliott Desai

rafe parker blood - writer/director

Hello! I'm a writer, director and sometimes comedy performer in Los Angeles. 

I got my first smart phone in 2015 and only discovered what I now know as 'Influencers' months later when I had graduated and was looking for jobs (I had a lot of free time on my hands). I felt cheated that no one had asked me to be an influencer. I found that the worst parts of me wanted desperately to be liked and seen in the world of Instagram and the best parts of me wanted to resist it altogether. I realized a lot of comedy could happen in the tension between those two versions of me and "Under the Influence" is the result of that. I hope you enjoy!

Favorite Movie: I tell people it's To Kill A Mockingbird and it kind of is, but Paddington 2 is really the only top choice

Favorite TV Show: Currently Fleabag (30 Rock is my forever flame)

Favorite Dairy: Butter

Dream Collaboration: Tracy Morgan 

Best Night Out: ...is short and includes a food I can't get at home. 

Best Night In: ...is often and probably includes a microwaveable version of the previous food.

Favorite Instagram account you follow: My sister! She posts photos of my nieces I'm obsessed with - but family only!

Have you ever been fired? Not yet!

Give us an Elevator Pitch: A "Save as Draft" feature for human thoughts!

What's your skincare routine in one sentence? I use soap and hope for the best!

What's your favorite fitness activity? I usually have great days when I run in the mornings...so I should try doing that!

Best Dating App Starting Line: Open with your pin number and let the conversation flow from there!

What's one way to get more likes on Instagram? Have more friends!

Photo by Anna Pieper

Photo by Anna Pieper


Hey there! I'm an LA-based filmmaker and development exec. I'm a curmudgeon when it comes to social media, but if we're being honest, my bitterness likely stems from my inability to take a good selfie. Only a few things in life bring me joy: cake and being on set. And I guess also working with talented friends, such as the ones that worked on this show. I hope this series resonates with you in some way, and makes you laugh, cry, and ponder the meaning of life. But mostly laugh.

Favorite Movie: Juno

Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld

Favorite Dairy Product: CHEESE. The sharper the better. I want my cheese to be able to slice other cheese.

Dream Collaboration: Lucille Ball. Or if if has to be someone living, Tina Fey.

Best Night In: PJs + movies

Best Night Out: Live music + friends

Favorite Instagram account you follow: Popeye the Foodie. Or What is Florence Wearing.

Have you ever been fired? No. But there's always tomorrow.

Give us an Elevator Pitch: Feature film idea: blue whales that sing to protect their community from danger (story credit: 5 year old me)

What's your skincare routine in one sentence? Wash, dry, moisturize.

What's your favorite fitness activity? Walking... does that count?

Best Dating App Starting Line: "Hey, what's up?" (I like to start slow and ramp up)

What's one way to get more likes on Instagram? Make a bunch of fake accounts and use them to like your posts. Create your own destiny!